Chef Roberto Donna's "Roberto's 4 [now 8]" at Al Dente

8 August 2013

Our 30th Anniversary!
The 4th wedding anniversary we've celebrated with Chef Donna,
and a little over 10 years since our first (of 12!) Lab with the chef.

Pizzetta - Robiola Cheese - Quail Egg - Black Truffles - Sweet Onions
(in a teensy pizza box!)

San Daniele Prosciutto - Gnocco Fritto - Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale - Refosco Wine

Asparagus - Olive Oil - Shallots (with some creamy stuff on top)

Eggplant - Bufala Mozzarella - Tomato - Sweety Drops
(smoke under glass!)

Pea Soup - Zucchini Flower (with lovely lemony ricotta inside)


Fried Head-On Shrimp - Saffron Sauce
(the shrimp meat is sublime -- I felt brave and ate the upper-body (with the legs) & head; I do not recommend doing that...)

Eggs - Pioppini Mushrooms - Stracciatella Cheese

Olive Oil Raviolo - Cream - Fava Beans - Parmigiano Reggiano

Chitarra Spaghetti - Soft Shell Crab - Saffron - Onions - Zucchini
(I asked for the extra garlic slices...)

Frascatelli - Lobster

Risotto - Rockfish - Artichokes - Thyme
(in a cute little tin)


Squab - Duck Liver - Porcini Mushrooms - Vin Santo

Venison - Sour Cherries - Cream - Potato

Gorgonzola Montagna - Sun Dried Tomato - Mostarda - Hazelnut Sauce

Passion Fruit Granita
(drat, I failed to take a picture of this lovely dessert!)
Panna Cotta - Caramel

Apricot - Almond - Pineapple - shredded filo dough on top & Honey Ice Cream

Bicerin & Bombolini
(no pic -- same as below)

20 February 2013

The very first Roberto's 4!

Pizzetta-Taleggio Cheese - Quail Egg - Black Truffles
(in a teensy pizza box!)

San Daniele Prosciutto - Gnocco Fritto - Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale

Crocchetta Black Cerignola Olives - Mortadella Mayonnaise
(mortadello mayo is in the tube!)

Diver Sea Scallops Crudo - Caviar - Ligurian Olive Oil

Norwegian Salmon Cured In-House - Blood Orange - Sicilian Olive Oil
(smoke under glass!)

Oysters - Passion Fruit - Lago Di Garda Olive Oil

Fried Head-On Shrimp - Shrimp Sauce

Frascatelli - Manila Clams - Pancetta

Chitarra Spaghetti - Sea Urchin - Pomodorini

Gnocchi - Lobster - Red Pepper

Risotto -“La Tur” Cheese - Alba Hazelnuts

Raviolo - Duck - Pioppini Mushrooms

Squab - Chestnuts - Duck Liver

Cervena Venison - Sour Cherries - Sunchokes

Pecorino Di Fossa Cheese - Saba

Vanilla Gelato - Spices - Clementine

Gianduia Jar

Bicerin & Bombolini


All I can say is, this makes me stop missing the Laboratorio: long live Roberto's 4!